World Heritage

Asturias has a large roster of properties inscribed on the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

San Miguel de Lillo

Six monuments of Romanesque art are included in the above list and exclusive. There are three churches, San Miguel de Lillo (Oviedo), San Julian de Los Prados (Oviedo) and Santa Cristina de Lena, the Camara Santa , home of the relics and treasure of the Cathedral of Oviedo, and two buildings civilians also located in Oviedo: Foncalada source and Santa Maria del Naranco.

These buildings are set architecture singled best preserved early medieval Western Europe, which clearly shows the strength and capacity that the small Kingdom of Asturias was able to move between the eighth and the tenth century

Recently five Asturian  caves with Paleolithic cave art Asturian,  Peña de Candamo,  Tito Bustillo (Ribadesella)  Llonín (Peñamellera Alta), La Covaciella (Cabrales) and El Pindal (Ribadedeva) were included in the same List of UNESCO to collect excellent samples of painting and printmaking from the Palaeolithic period. Along with other caves in northern Cantabrian Spanish were added to the Cave of Altamira to configure the set "Cave of Altamira and Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain.

El Pindal. Cierva. (Photo: Juanjo Arrojo)