Archaeology in Asturias

The first evidence of human presence in Asturias dates back more than 500,000 years in the past. Since then happen seamlessly different cultures in this country, some of which acquired extraordinary importance.

This section presents a very brief summary of the most significant locations you can visit the traveler

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias, in addition to its facilities and contents, is responsible for a network of centers and sites that bind a precious cultural legacy
Asturias has a large roster of properties inscribed on the List of World Heritage sites of UNESCO: Asturian Pre-Romanesque buildings and caves with Paleolithic rock art
The archaeological wealth of Asturias and the intense scientific work done in recent years, coupled with the efforts of various agencies and institutions, can offer a very interesting set of proposals
The points of archaeological interest of Asturias can also be classified according to the historical period they belong regardless of their administrative status