Sites Network

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias, in addition to its facilities and contents, is responsible for a network of centers and sites that bind a precious heritage.

The Tito Bustillo cave contains some of the most interesting artistic representations Paleolithic of the Cantabrian coast and his visit is complemented by the Rock Art Centre immediately of the same name.

The Pindal cave located in exceptional surroundings on the edge of a cliff, takes us back in time to that remote past.

Female profile in the chapel of the vulva in him Tito Bustillo Cave

The Buxu cave is a small cavity that must be occupied at different periods. To access entry, mid-slope, be traveled a varied indigenous forest.

The “Peña Tu” idol  is a clear expression of the transcendent feeling of the first cattle towns of our region.

The Castro de Coaña is one of the first settlements of the Iron Age excavated in northern Spain, and its route can recognize the most characteristic elements of the first villages.

The Prehistoric Park in the Municipality of Teverga is a unique facility that allows visitors to relive, in a highly suggestive, the immense wealth of creative and expressive Paleolithic period in Franco-Cantabrian region.