International Museum Day 2014

International Museum Day 2014.

ICOM celebrates this year "The links created by the collections of the museums" and, maintaining that proposal, the Archaeological Museum of Asturias held that day with the following activities.

Saturday 17

Veranes in the context of the Roman villas of Asturias.

Guided tour combined Veranes village and the Archaeological Museum of Asturias in order to contextualize the archaeological remains of the villa in the general panorama of the romanization of the Asturias trasmontana. The visit will be conducted by Gil Fernando Sendino, director of excavations in Veranes. Sunday 18
'Come to the Museum, we have you'. The Polished axesThis year the Museum proposal will deal with known "stones of the Rayu" or polished axes of the Neolithic. The Archaeological Museum of Asturias will offer visitors a complete exhibition of its collection of polished axes, which come from incidental findings of archaeological excavations, from donations and the valuable contribution of Sebastián de Soto cuts (1833-1915), who was acquired in 1960 by the provincial government for our Museum.
The activity will be conducted by the young researcher and scholar in the collection Elena Quintanal Fontal.
Activity will take place in two shifts at 10:30 and 11:00. Stakeholders will have to register by calling the museum open to the public (985208977).Concert of the choir children of the Prince of Asturias Foundation
In the cloister of the Museum, at 12:30 pm. celebration of a concert by the "choir child of the Prince of Asturias Foundation". The children's choir currently working a choral program that brings together different pieces of music, some of them based on original texts by universal poets. Played by 50 voices of aged between 10 and 15 years, the Act program will offer five musical themes.