Temporary exhibitions


With children in mind, the museum has set up an installation with Playmóbil cliks that recreates the battle of Covadonga, which this year commemorates the 1300th anniversary. This installation can be visited from Wednesday, July 6, during the museum's regular opening hours. 

The authors of the installation are Juan Luís Díez Martínez and Juan Luís Alonso Aristizabal, both professors and passionate about history. Their project is to disseminate some of the most important episodes of the History of Spain using the classic playmobil. Their goal is to bring history closer to children and adults in a fun way.

Although they have been active for a short time, they have started this year with an exhibition about the Tercios in the Delegation of Defense of the Principality of Asturias. Now the Archaeological Museum of Asturias has given them the opportunity to present their second project: a diorama recreating the legendary confrontation that took place in Covadonga.