Temporary exhibitions



Exposición del 2 AL 24 DE OCTUBRE  


 "Tamizar" is a multidisciplinary piece comprising a video, an installation and a photographic series, where an action or ritual of detachment, resistance and purification is presented, a search towards a liminal state and a passage to another physical and spiritual state. All the pieces that make up this exhibition are the result of a performative action, like a poetic act, and it is from here that I begin this dialogue. The action takes place in a desert of white sands, the infinite white is framed by a stormy grey sky at sunset, evoking a rebirth. "Sifting" is a repetitive act for an indeterminate time. In the repetition is the induction to the ritual, to the world of the spiritual, the repetition becomes a hypnotic act and a spatial mandala that introduces us to another new state. Without repetition the ritual is not.

Coordinated and produced by: Galería Vértice