Other activities

International Museum Day 2016

On Wednesday, the 18th of May it is celebrated the International Day of the Museums, a special occasion to emphasize the role of the museums in the community.
The Archaeological Museum of Asturias adds to the summons that this year takes as a motto " Museums and cultural landscapes ". It has organized a program of activities that try to see the museum from the look of the horizon, the space and the territory. The aim is to promote the diffusion of his funds turning the objects into witnesses of the history and an exceptional resource to keep the memory and the knowledge alive for the history and archaeology of Asturias.
9,30 h. " The horizon of the books "
Special visit to the library of the museum for Sofía Díaz Rodríguez, librarian.
10,30 h. " The space of the things of the museum "
School activity directed pupils 5 and 6 of primary education at the expense of Elena Fontal arqueóloga and technical of cultural animation.
12,30 h. " The medieval territory ".
César García of Castro archeologist of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, across certain material elements of the kingdom of Asturias, will analyze the historical circumstances and his(her,your) symbolic value.
17,00 h. " The Valley of the Navia. The conformation of a genuine landscape in the west of Asturias ".
Ángel Villa Valdés, archeologist of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, will expose the singular features that shape the valley of the Navia as one of the most genuine cultural landscapes of Asturias where the weight of the archaeological heritage is particularly emphasized in his recognition and individualization opposite to other sets of the region.

 18:00 h. " Presentation of the cycle of conferences ".
Vicente Domínguez García, Vicecounselor of Culture and Sport.

18:15 h. " The Cultural Landscapes: general aspects and a look from Asturias "
Víctor Fernandez Salinas. Vicesecretary of ICOMOS's Spanish Committee. Geographer. Teacher Universidad of Seville.
19:15 h. " The National Plan of Cultural Landscape "
Maria Linarejos Cruz Perez. Coordinator of the national plans of industrial and cultural landscapes. Institute of the Cultural Heritage(Holdings) of Spain. Department of Education, Culture and Sport.