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MOTHER TONGUE DAY February 21, 2024


February 21, 2024 | 18:00 h.

Guided visit in Asturian to the permanent exhibition. Archaeological Museum of Asturias (Uviedo)

February 21st is International Mother Language Day, proclaimed by UNESCO to highlight the role of languages in the development of society. Among the wide program of cultural activities to be held in Oviedo, Gijón, Corvera and Teverga, the Regional Ministry of Culture, Language Policy and Sport will promote free activities related to archaeological heritage, performing arts and traditional wool and loom crafts. Its aim is to vindicate the importance and richness that Asturian and Eonavian represent within Asturian culture.

On Wednesday, February 21 at 6:00 pm, the director of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, Mrs. María Antonia Pedregal Montes, will offer a guided tour in Asturian to its permanent collection.