Other activities


1st Professional Art Week

From 4 to 14 June

The Professional Week of ART is a meeting of professionals from the sector with their most carefully curated collections. Organised by the Municipal Foundation of Culture, directed by the councillor José Luis Costillas and the gallery owner Marta Fermín, it brings together 52 artists over ten days, whose works are distributed throughout: Fábrica de Armas, the Fine Arts Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Bar Association, the Metropolitan Seminary and the Cathedral Square. In addition to these spaces, there are also art galleries.

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias hosts the exhibition "Fiori di barena" (Marsh flowers) by Consuelo Vallina and haikus by the poet Aurelio Ovies. She presents her work Fiore di Barena on paper and Indian ink, inspired by the flowers of Venice that remain on the shores for years. He chooses the Archaeological Museum for its similarity to his work, which also resembles that which covers the mud and is recovered.

Programme Archaeological Museum of Asturias 

Wednesday 9 June

19:00 h. Inauguration of the exhibition Consuelo Vallina

Thursday 10th June

18:00 h. Lecture "Women's art and artists' rights" by Consuelo Vallina and Guillermina Caicoya.

19:15 h. Lecture "Associationism and art" by Gerardo López ("Néxodos")