Other activities

45th International Colloquium of the AFEAF

"The Europe of raw materials in the 1st millennium B.C.E. Exploitation, Transformation and Diffusion"

 Organized by Archaeological Museums of Gijón/Xixón

The French Association for the Study of the Iron Age was created in 1983 by researchers from various institutions to promote knowledge about this period. Since its creation, it has organized and published colloquia in France and other European countries. Its contents reconcile the treatment of current Iron Age research in the host region by integrating it, with a common theme, into its European context. The program consists of three blocks of lectures:

The first session will deal with raw materials. It will focus on the description of the raw materials exploited in the Bronze and Iron Ages. The idea is to unveil the craft practices, covering the whole process from, for example, the extraction of the mineral to its transformation into a finished product.

The second session will focus on raw material exploitation systems. On mining structures and their environmental impact. Location and interpretation of mining sites for example, abundant in the landscape of the Iron Age and later in Asturias.

The third will be focused on the trade of these raw materials, their circulation channels, markets, factories and transformation structures.