Other activities


LIBRARIES of the museums of OVIEDO and GIJ脫N celebrate the book day "Releasing books". The initiative, followed by 48 institutions, is included in the national campaign of  museums libraries bookcrossing VI.

On April 23, and for the sixth consecutive year, a total of 48 libraries, museums and centres of art and culture flood cities in Spain on the occasion of the international day of the book of books.

Among the participants in this experience of bookcrossing or campaign for release of books are this year libraries of Asturian museums: the archaeological museums of Gij贸n, the Railway Museum, Museum of the people of Asturias and Museo Casa Natal de Jovellanos in Gij贸n, as well as the fine arts museum and the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, in Oviedo. All mentioned facilities are attached to this initiative which will release a total of more than 2,500 volumes related to different disciplines, with the intention that those who pick them up enjoy reading and then releasing them at another point than the world. The objective of this initiative is to remember the important role museums libraries developed in documentation, research and dissemination of the collections as well as add them to the effort for the promotion of reading and, more specifically, of the diffusion of the knowledge of the various cultural disciplines


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