Conference at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias

Asturian cultural heritage: an attempt to study from the perspective of the exercise of the archaeologist. Lecture by Stephanie Sanchez Hidalgo, historian and archaeologist. Organized by the Association ASTA "Association for Economic and Social Development of Asturias" was held on Friday, May 11 at 19.00 h. in the hall of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias

The aim of the lecture is to provide information on the types of assets that constitute our cultural heritage, protection categories and management in relation to projects of various kinds. In addition, it will address the work developed by professionals involved in cultural heritage, especially archaeologists, through varied experiences and work done over nearly two decades of practice.

The Archaeological Museum of Asturias wants to become a meeting place, and an open space for reflection and debate on issues affecting the development of archaeological activity in Asturias. This lecture, by Stephanie Sanchez Hidalgo, known archaeologist management, organized by the Association ASTA linked to Valdedios Workshop School, is a good example of this purpose.