Conferences, Workshops and Seminars



  The Department of Culture, Language Policy and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias and the Archaeological Museum of Asturias have organized, with the collaboration of the City Council of El Franco, an extensive program of activities for the celebration of the European Heritage Days. The central theme of the events will be the archaeological studies carried out in one of the most outstanding castro settlements in Asturias, the castro of Cabo Blanco, located in Valdepares (El Franco).


The City Council of El Franco, the cultural complex As Quintas in A Caridá and the Archaeological Museum of Asturias will host the various events in which, during the months of August and September, the latest advances in the scientific study of this unique site will be discussed.

The conferences and round tables will be complemented with field trips that, in addition to touring the archaeological site of Cabo Blanco, will also include a visit to the excavations in progress at Monte del Castro de Mouguías/Mohías, in the municipality of Coaña.

The EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission with the participation of 50 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention. During the Days, thousands of monuments and sites open their doors, some of them normally closed to the public the rest of the year. This allows citizens to visit them free of charge, learn about their common cultural heritage and participate in the protection of Europe's heritage for present and future generations. The aim of this celebration is to:

- Raise awareness of Europe's cultural richness and diversity;

- To enhance interest in Europe's cultural heritage;

- To fight against racism and xenophobia and to promote tolerance towards other cultures in Europe;

- To instill in citizens and administrations (or policy makers) the need to protect cultural heritage;

- Invite Europe to respond to the social, political and economic challenges of the cultural sector.



Friday, August 11th. In the Town Hall of El Franco, A Caridá (El Franco)

19.30 h. PRESENTATION. The European Heritage Days, Asturias 2023. Speakers: Cecilia Pérez Sánchez (Mayoress of El Franco), as representative of the Ministry of Culture (Principality of Asturias) María Antonia Pedregal Montes (Director of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias), and Ángel Villa Valdés, Coordinator (Archaeological Museum of Asturias).

20.00 h. CONFERENCE. From the Atlantic finisterres to the Bay of Biscay. Navigation on the Cantabrian coast in Antiquity. Delivered by Carmen Fernández Ochoa (Emeritus Professor. Autonomous University of Madrid). Presentation: María Antonia Pedregal Montes (Archaeological Museum of Asturias).

Friday, August 18. In "As Quintas" Cultural Complex Auditorium, A Caridá (El Franco).

20.00 h. ROUND TABLE. The castro of Cabo Blanco in its regional context, results of archaeological research and heritage protection. Speakers: José Antonio Fanjul Mosteirín: The archaeological excavations at Cabo Blanco; Ángel Villa Valdés: The Cabo Blanco fort in its regional context; Diego Díaz Alonso: The Cabo Blanco fort and its declaration as a Site of Cultural Interest; Almudena Orejas Saco del Valle: Tourist promotion and conservation of archaeological heritage: Las Médulas as an example. Saturday, August 19th. In Castro de Cabo Blanco (Valdepares, El Franco)

Saturday, August 19th. In Castro de Cabo Blanco (Valdepares, El Franco)

11.00 h. FIELD TRIP. Guided visit to the castro of Cabo Blanco. Directed by José Antonio Fanjul Mosteirín (Co-director of archaeological excavations at Cabo Blanco, 2005-2009). Free access. Meeting point: Cabo Blanco hillfort, Valdepares (El Franco).


Thursday, September 28th. At the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, Oviedo

18,30 h. CONFERENCES AND ROUND TABLE. Ceramics in the archaeological record of the Asturian castros. Presentation, María Antonia Pedregal Montes (Director of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias).

18.40 h. Study of the ceramic material of the castro of Cabo Blanco, Valdepares (El Franco), Alicia Hernández Tórtoles (Hired Researcher for the Training of Research Staff, Institute of History, Center of Human and Social Sciences of the CSIC. Working Group on Social Structure and Territory-Landscape Archaeology).

19.40 h. What the pottery recovered from the castros of Asturias tells us, Rubén Montes López (Archaeologist).

20.15 h. Terra sigillata tableware in Asturias, by Alfonso Menéndez Granda (Archaeologist, MS Árqueo Cabinet).


Saturday, September 30. In the Mohías castro, Coaña).

11.00 h. FIELD TRIP. Guided visit to the Mohías Hillfort (Coaña). Directed by Rubén Montes López (Director of archaeological excavations 2022-23). Free access. Meeting point: Mohías hillfort (Coaña).