Conferences, Workshops and Seminars



The Association of Independent Archaeology Professionals of Asturias is organising the third edition of its Conference on Protohistory and Antiquity. As on previous occasions, the conference will be held in the auditorium of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.



Friday 26th May

18:00 h. The restoration of the Chao Samartín castro (2021-2022) by Montserrat Álvarez Fernández and José Antonio Fernández de Córdoba Pérez.

19:00 h. A unique group of castreña sculpture from the northwest of the peninsula: the warriors in a standing position by Sergio Ríos González.

Friday 2nd June

18:00 h. Reflections on the strategies and content of projects to intervene in archaeological sites by Silvia Ollacarizqueta and Jaime Represa.

19:00 h. Two unique archaeological sites in the transition between the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age: the Punta de Muros hillfort and the ceremonial enclosure of Ventosiños by Juan A. Cano Pan.

Friday 9th June

18:00 h. History of the Archaeology of the Iron Age fortified settlements of the Iberian Peninsula by Fructuoso Díaz García.

19:00 h. Archaeological news about the Chao Samartín fort by Juan Muñíz Álvarez.

Saturday 10th June

Visit to the Chao Samartín fortress and mining at El Palo (Allande).

Departure at 8:00 h and return at 20:00.

Reservation at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, from Wednesday to Sunday, phone 985 208 977 (45 € includes lunch and tickets).