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X Jornadas de Arqueología Española en el Exterior organised by APIAA


X Jornadas de Arqueología Española en el Exterior organised by APIAA

FRIDAY 12 MAY AT 18:00



Biographies of the land: deciphering the lives of the first farmers through Geoarchaeology by D. Aroa García Suárez, researcher linked to CSIC and the University of Reading (UK)

Discovering the Neolithic of the Near East. 25 years of archaeological research in Syria and Jordan by D.Juan Antonio Sánchez Priego, researcher at the CNRS and the University of Lyon (France)

The APIAA Association is organising this Conference on Spanish Archaeology Abroad, which this year celebrates its tenth edition, continuing the work of Juan Antonio Fernández-Tresguerres Velasco, professor at the University of Oviedo, who died in 2011. His teaching impregnated thirty generations of Geography and History students in Asturias and one of his lines of research was the study of the Neolithic in Jordan. That is why in 2023 they are dedicating themselves to the Near East by offering two conferences to be held on Friday 12 May from 18:00 h in the auditorium of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias.


These conferences are organised by APIAA, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of San Esteban. They are funded by Oviedo City Council and with the collaboration of the Gran Hotel España and the Archaeological Museum of Asturias. Admission is free until full capacity is reached.