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Friday 21 April at 19:00

Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. Anthology of Egyptian thought

by Ra煤l L贸pez L贸pez

What was the way of thinking in Ancient Egypt? What values did they educate their children in or what was the position of women in society? What were the qualities that a pharaoh should have? What was the ethical behaviour that would be rewarded with eternal life? How were the borders defended or the internal and external policies of the country managed?

This book answers these and other questions in the Egyptians' own words for the first time and gives us the opportunity to learn from this ancient culture with answers to surprisingly contemporary problems.

This is the first critical bilingual Egyptian-Heroglyphic-Spanish bilingual edition in the history of Spanish Egyptology of the five most ancient texts of the sapiential literature of the country of the Nile: Hordjedef, Kagemni, Ptahhotep, Merikar茅 and Amenemhat. This research has concluded with the translation of tens of thousands of hieroglyphs and has studied hundreds of textual sources, such as papyri and ostraka, from countless museums around the world in order to reconstruct the texts that contain Egyptian thought.

The author, Ra煤l L贸pez L贸pez, is the founder and director of the Museo Liceo Egipcio (Le贸n, Spain). He has a degree in History and a PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences, specialising in the languages and thought of Ancient Egypt and in the influence of the Land of the Nile on Western culture, especially during the 16th and 17th centuries. He is a member of the Research Institute of Humanism and Classical Tradition and lecturer on the Master's Degree in European Culture and Thought at the University of Le贸n. He has also been an evaluator of the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Castilla y Le贸n, of the Andalusian Agency of Knowledge, honorary collaborator of the Department of Hispanic and Classical Philology (ULE) and member of numerous state research projects, among other merits.