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Gaudiosa Cultural Association Cultural Days

Gaudiosa Cultural Association

Cultural Days "REVIVE HISTORY".

Friday, March 10, 2023


The Gaudiosa Cultural Association promotes this year its second edition in the Archaeological Museum of Asturias, with a varied program of visits, conferences and activities. 


Among the aims of the association are the dissemination of history, culture and historical fencing as a martial art, in a way closely linked to the social, cultural, academic and institutional environment of the region. Through its school "Gaudiosa Esgrima Histórica", we teach and promote this discipline in which theoretical knowledge is applied to perfect the practice of the art of sword fighting, and which is also one of the fundamental pillars of our activities.


In the cloister of the Archaeological Museum there will be a sword show, by the hand of our school, Gaudiosa Esgrima Histórica - Asturias, which will cover all types of weapons, from the high medieval period to the present day, highlighting the female presence in the art of the sword in Spain.