Conferences, Workshops and Seminars


The Archaeological Museum of Asturias celebrates the European Archaeology Conference( the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research,Inrap)

FRIDAY 18 at 19.00 h.

 Presentation of the European Archaeology Days at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias

María Antonia Pedregal Montes. Director of the Archaeological Museum of Asturias


Identification and rescue of a Late Antique coin deposit in the La Cuesta cave, in Bercio (Grado)

Alfonso Fanjul Peraza, professional archaeologist.

Antonio Juaneda Gavelas, researcher

SATURDAY 19th at 12.00 noon

Round table and debate

The role of private initiative in the protection of archaeological heritage: Projects sponsored by the Valdés-Salas Foundation


Valdés-Salas Foundation Board of Trustees: Joaquín Lorences Rodríguez and Miguel Ángel de Blas Cortina

La Cobertoria Project: Fernando Rodríguez del Cueto, University of Oviedo

Beriso Project: Rubén Montes López, professional archaeologist

Pre-Romanesque Museum of Salas: Lorenzo Arias Páramo, University of Oviedo

Moderator: Ángel Villa Valdés, Archaeological Museum of Asturias


Guided tours

Mining at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias

Ángel Villa Valdés, Archaeological Museum of Asturias

12.00/12.15 h. First showing: Prehistoric copper mining

13.00/13.15 h. Second showing: Gold mining in antiquity.

 Attendance will be free, subject to prior reservation, until full capacity is reached at each of the events, in accordance with current health regulations.


Information and reservations at: Telephone: 985 208977