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Coference Agrarian archaeology in the valley of Sondondo, Ayacucho (Peru)

Conference at the Archaeological Museum of Asturias

Friday, December 23rd at 18:00 

Agrarian archaeology in the valley of Sondondo, Ayacucho (Peru)

by Patricia Aparicio Martinez, University of Oviedo

Patricia Aparicio Martínez, archaeologist and researcher in the project: Cultural Landscapes in the Sondondo Valley in Peru, will present the results obtained in three archaeological campaigns carried out to study the transformations of the landscape in pre-Hispanic agrarian societies. Agricultural archaeology applied to the Andean context of its cultivation terraces and platforms, as well as the incorporation of archaeometric and paleobotanical analyses, allow us to explain the agrarian problems and regional cultural phenomena in the Central Andes. Thus, we interpret the formation and agrarian transformations throughout the last millennium from the Early Intermediate period (500 B.C. - 600 A.D.) to the Inca Empire (1450-1532 A.D.). We will also analyze the influences that different local and supra-local political powers had on the territorial modifications of a profusely terraced landscape.